Saturday, 6 October 2007

Hello world!

Ok, so here I am with yet another home in cyberspace - my digital footprints must be creating quite a pathway around the web by now. I have to say, it IS very entertaining to Google myself and see what turns up - LOL!! (I love Google!). But seriously though, this is my first posting on this blog and in fact the creation of this blog came about as a result of my 3 days spent attending the ULearn conference here in Auckland. I had a head full of stuff - I had been provoked, challenged, inspired, amazed - heck one keynote speaker actually had me with tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat! (But we'll go into that at another time as I really need to go to sleep soon). I had come home at the end of each of the first 2 days and unloaded some of my thinking onto/into (you choose - it's after midnight and my brain is sludge!!) my other blog, just to clear my head of some of the "noise" and allow myself to get to sleep. It was while doing this that it occurred to me that what I really needed to do was start a second blog for all my "teachery stuff" as I described it. My other blog is really more for my family happenings and scrapbooking moments. What I needed was a place to think, a place where I could verbalise my thinking, store my links and maybe, just maybe, get feedback from others to help clarify, modify, extend, reinforce or challenge my thinking. When I saw some of the blogging be done by NZ educators I was just so impressed and dare I say it a little in awe. I thought, "I can't do the teacher blog thing - these guys sound like they know what they're doing!!" However, my motto this year has been "Do something that scares you!" and taking on board what Tony Ryan had to share, well I am not going to engage in any negative self talk/red light thinking. So here it is, the birth of my second blog. This is my thinking space but you are welcome to come and add your ideas to mine, to challenge, disagree, make suggestions - whatever. So hello world...let's see where this foot print will take me.


  1. We welcome your digital footprint into teachery blogging and look forward to reading about your learning journey!

  2. Welcome!

    Can't wait to hear more about your journey... great to see you have joined the edublogosphere... we're a real nice friendly bunch :)


  3. Welcome to the NZ edubloggers scene- that's pretty much the way we all started. Little steps each one growing on the previous ones.

    I scrapbook as well as Teaching Sagittarian does.

    You are now in my Bloglines. Go girl!