Sunday, 4 May 2008

31 Day Comment Challege - Behind Already!

Why Participate?

I've signed up for the 31 Day Comment Challenge in the interests of pushing myself outside my comfort zone. I was thinking the other day how funny it is that despite the relative safety of your online persona, my shyness still leaks through. I'm not sure if that last sentence quite makes sense, but essentially what I'm getting at is that even though I'm not engaging in a face to face conversation my inhibitions often stop me from leaving a comment.

Then, on the flip side of this is the fact that I love to get comments and feedback from others. In part I blog for myself as a way of jotting down my thoughts and ideas for future reference. However, I also blog hoping that what I have to say will be of some use (or at least interest) to others - kind of a combination of my love of sharing my learning/resources and my frustrated inner author. Comments from others shows that you are not merely talking to yourself.

With this in mind I decided I needed to be involved with this challenge in order to give myself the "push" I need to comment with greater regularity - to both build my confidence and to ensure that I am giving others the type of feedback that I enjoy receiving myself.

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Behind Already

Now the challenge runs from the 1st to the 31st of May. As it is the 4th, I'm already 4 days behind! I plead the fact that I had to get organised for the start of the new school term tomorrow. I was having to resist the urge to log in and work on the challenge tasks.

Now, this already illustrates the power in being involved in a challenge like this (at least for me) as my natural "girly swottiness" means that I feel compelled to complete the required tasks and make sure they are done on time. Which is not to say that this is some form of strictly regimented "thou shalt" type of a task, after all my participation is purely voluntary. I think what it is though,is the fact that you have signed up for something that others are also involved in and you just know that you want to do it properly and do it justice.

I also feel that it is important to participate fully and to the best of my ability as this is the best thanks I can think of for all the hard work Sue, Kim, Silviaand Michele have put into getting this challenge up and running.

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Daily Tasks

So today I have 4 tasks to complete. One I have already done - Sign up for a Comment Tracking Service. I did this as soon as I signed up for the challenge and have set up an account at Cocomment. This will allow others participating in the challenge to track my comments.

I have to leave a comment on a blog I have never commented on before, which I shall do soon as there are plenty of blogs that I read that I have yet to leave comments for.

I have to leave a comment on another blog post that asks a question in order encourage conversation/dialogue between myself, the blog author and other readers. That I shall do soon too.

Finally, I have to complete a "commenting self-audit" which I think I shall do as a separate post as this one is getting quite long enough already.

So I'm off to complete my self-audit and start on my path towards improving my commenting on blogs - both my own and those of others. I'm looking forward to the challenge, the fun of participating, the new skills I hope to develop, the new online acquaintances I hope to meet and the reinforcing of my current online relationships.

And don't forget, if you are part of The Comment Challenge remember to add the comment08 tag to your post.


  1. Welcome to the challenge! I too have undertaken the challenge and am also behind.. i'm sure we will catch up, us being night owls and all! ;p

  2. No you aren't behind- you are just getting organised :) It is actually quite demanding to get all the first steps done and then it becomes easier. I really like you other posts and am going to be a good blogging citizen and come and visit here more often! Happy commenting!

  3. Well done! We all need to get into the habit of commenting on other people's blog and getting out of our comfort zone. I am sure this challenge will do that. Do you realise there is also a student comment challenge happening at the same wiki? I am hoping some of my students take it on. I received an email from one today who said he has created a table to document where he has been commenting. Good luck with the rest of the challenge!

  4. Good on you. Nice to have another kiwi on board. I don't know even what day we should be up to so you are not alone. I like Sue's students ideas about tracking places he has commented in a table. I joined coComment and still trying to get my head around it. comment08

  5. Sorry your posts are showing up in the RSS stream at the moment. You need to log into technorati and ping your blog.

  6. I was perpetually behind on the first challenge we did, and I'm also behind on this one. It always takes me a while to think about the tasks, and how I'm going to integrate them into the practice of blogging/commenting. Know that no matter how you move through the challenge, you will have company somewhere in the world.

  7. Welcome to the 31-Day Comment Challenge. I am working on the Day 4 challenge and decided to pick your blog post as the one where I will post my question to :)
    What do we do, when we seem to be stretch in so many different directions(as a part of a family, as a teacher, as an individual...)and still want to participate in a challenge like this one? Do we not try because we don't know if we are going to be able to "do it right"? Do we start and then fade out? Or do we start and do the best we can, stop when we need to and take it back up when it is possible?
    Struggling with an answer to this one...