Wednesday, 30 January 2008

The power of images

Saw this on Slideshare the other day. I thought it was very powerful - sort of like a visual summary of a Web2.0 world. Some of the images used I thought had the potential to open up all sorts of discussion just by themselves - like the one with all the individuals in the cafe sitting interacting with their computers in front of them, or the couple sitting back to back both interacting with their own technological device - could be great openers for looking at pluses & minuses, with the potential for quite indepth discussion. This slide show has really struck a lot of chords with me - I think it's fabulous. Further more, if you take all the educational thought out of it, I have to say as photographic art works - some of these are just stunning.

Now I know I said I'd write some more about my PLN - and I will, I'm just running out of hours, and much though I love my 2.0 existence - I have to attend day one of our 2 day cluster conference tomorrow. I also have the first of my 2 presentations to deliver - sort of exciting and scary at the same time. With a bit of luck and good management I'll continue my discussion tomorrow - otherwise, it will definitely be Friday.

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